Bepanah Pyaar 23rd July 2019 Full Video Episode 37

Video watch online Bepanah Pyaar 23rd July 2019 latest full Episode 37 of Colors TV drama serial Bepanah Pyaar 23rd July 2019 complete show Episodes by colorstv. Watch bepanah pyaar Episode 37 Online.

Bepanah Pyaar Air Timing 10:00 PM (Indian Time) From Monday To Friday.

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Genre: Romance , Drama
Telecast Date: 23rd July 2019
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Bepanah Pyaar 23rd July 2019 Written Update

Scene 1
Priest says to Raghbir that Kuldeep told me you would come, love never dies but if we pray then its immortal forever, I will prepare for pooja, he leaves. Pragati is lost in thoughts. Raghbir says lets go. Pragati says we cant do this, we cant lie to God, we dont have a true relation then how can we sit in this pooja? Raghbir says I can do anything for people that I love and I love Kuldeep Maa, I will ask God to punish me if anything happens, okay? Lets go. Pragati says but God doesnt do it like that. Raghbir says then dont be scared, priest will tell Kuldeep if we dont do this pooja which I dont want. They both sit down in pooja. Pragati is tensed. Priest ask them to put hands in each others hand. They do it. Priest says you have to take pheras with promises. Pragati whispers how can

we lie about promises? Raghbir says take those promises for person you love and I will promise for my love. Priest says lets start. Promises are to be with each other in happiness and sadness and I will be with you however you are like, I will never lie to you, you are mine forever and I will accept you with your flaws and goodness. Raghbir promises to accept her and never lie to her. Priest ask them to stand together and put rice in havan. Raghbir and Pragati do it together. He gives sindoor to Raghbir, he applies it to Pragati. They exchange garlands too. Priest says pooja is complete. Pragati sees Prashant’s message to call him. Priest says storm is coming so you shouldnt travel.
Raghbir and Pragati comes to a hotel. Raghbir asks for two rooms. Manager says we have one room only.

Raghbir and Pragati comes to hotel. Raghbir goes to washroom. Prashant calls Pragati and says I am in a room adjacent to yours, come to meet me.

Pragati tells Prashant that this key is useless as Kuldeep locked basement. Prashant says you have to find a way. Pragati says I will leave now. she tries to open the room door but its locked from outside. Raghbir comes out of washroom and sees Pragati missing so he goes to check in lobby. Prashant tries to open his door, he unlocks it. Pragati comes out of room and sees Raghbir standing there. Raghbir asks Pragati who is he? He bring them in the room. Raghbir says how did you both meet? Pragati says actually.. Raghbir says do you know him? Pragati nods. Raghbir says it might not be a coincidence that you are here with him, did you call him or he came here? Pragati says lets go to our room. Raghbir says lets talk here. Pragati says I called him here. Raghbir says he came here to meet you in storm? Pragati says you said to live my life and you live yours and we will not question each other, he is Prashant and I called him to meet, dont you trust me? Raghbir says I do but you went missing so I was worried, you could have told me, lets go now. Pragati thinks he agreed? Raghbir laughs and says you were about to marry him? I saved you, I was guilty but its okay.. person should be good from heart, I mean sorry Prashant but she is out of your league, He laughs and leave. Pragati smiles and shakes her head.

Raghbir asks Pragati freshen up for dinner.

Aditi says Kuldeep locked basement without telling anyone. Harshit says its good, nobody will know what happened here 3 years back so its good.

Pragati comes to dinner and sees Raghbir on call. She recalls him saying he trusts her and was worried for her. She thinks he cant Raghbir, I might be thinking wrong, Sanket also said what I am thinking might be wrong, I just hope killer is not Raghbir.

PRECAP- Kuldeep tells family that fate gave another chance to Raghbir and brought Pragati in his life, I want them to come closer and Bani’s memories to go away from their lives.
Pragati falls asleep on a chair. She is about to fall down but Raghbir holds her and puts her head on his chest. He caresses her face and smiles.

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